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Teacher’s Way: 12 must-see Hindi movies in which teachers play the protagonist

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Deepa Gahlot

Deepa Gahlot05 Sep 2018

It's Teacher's Day, and we asked awardwinning film and theatre reviewer Deepa Gahlot to give us her Top 12 Hindi films where teachers play the protagonist. Read on...


1) Hichki (2018): In Siddharth Malhotra’s Hichki Rani Mukerji plays a teacher with Tourette’s syndrome, who fights the school’s stolid establishment to help a bunch of underprivileged students reach their potential.


2) Chalk And Duster (2016): Jayant Gilatar’s film starred Shabana Azmi, Juhi Chawla as school teachers who raise their voices against the commercialisation of the education system.


3) Aarakshan (2011): Amitabh Bachchan played a principled teacher in this Prakash Jha film, one who finds himself amidst a caste reservation row. 


4) Do Dooni Char (2010): Habib Faisal’s film has Rishi Kapoor in the unusual role of a cash-strapped teacher, who tries to keep his head above water, but does not compromise on his honesty.


5) Taare Zameen Par (2007): Aamir Khan directed and led the cast as a wise and kind teacher who understands the problems of the lonely Ishaan (Darsheel Safary), rightly diagnoses dyslexia and teaches not just characters in the film but the whole country about the much-misunderstood and neglected affliction.


6) Black (2005): Amitabh Bachchan played a teacher who has the patience, kindness and firmness to teach a blind-deaf-mute girl (Rani Mukerji) how to communicate with the world in the film directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali.


7) Mohabbatein (2000): In this Aditya Chopra film, Shah Rukh Khan played a music teacher who finds rules constricting and wants his students to think for themselves, which puts him on a collision course with the principal (Amitabh Bachchan). 


8) Sir (1993 ): Naseeruddin Shah was the teacher in this Mahesh Bhatt film, who goes out on a limb for the shy daughter (Pooja Bhatt) of a gangster (Paresh Rawal).


9) Hip Hip Hurray (1984): In this early film by Prakash Jha,  Raj Kiran was the sports teacher who straightened out a rebel without a cause (Nikhil Bhagat) and also whipped together a winning football team.


10) Imtihaan (1974): This film directed by Madan Sinha, had a bespectacled Vinod Khanna playing a teacher coping with a bunch of spoilt brats in a faithful lift of the 1967 Hollywood classic To Sir With Love.


11) Parichay (1972): Gulzar’s charming comedy was about a teacher (Jeetendra), who has to win the trust of a gaggle of orphaned kids being raised by their super strict grandfather (Pran)


12) Jagriti (1954): Satyen Bose directed this film in which Abhi Bhattacharya played an idealistic teacher, who believes in reforming problem kids with unconventional methods.


About Teacher’s Way

The awardwinning film and theatre reviewer Deepa Gahlot gives us her Top 12 Hindi films where teachers play the protagonist. And we remember those film posters, some of which were popular the then visuals.

Posted on Sep 04, 2018

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