• Mon, 19 Nov
  • Veggie & Waffichilious

    Trench Restro Café has a lot of potential with its huge menu catering for all food likes, writes Tara Bose Kapur

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  • Mohalla Assi: Boring & Futile

    Chandraprakash Dwivedi resorts to the lazy and ineffective shortcut of characters rattling off pages of dialogue, writes Deepa Gahlot

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  • Fear of the Other

    Set in a dystopian future, A Farming Story leaves a lot to ponder over, writes Deepa Gahlot

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  • Step by Step Sakaria

    Saloni Sakaria is in blast-off mode with her creations having a marked young vibe, writes Meher Castelino

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  • Reliving the Glory of Dharwad

    Suguna Sundaram was mesmerised by the music and talent at the two-day Voices of Dharwad concert

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  • No great shakes

    It’s early days yet so Uno Mas can still fine-tune and improve the food, writes Tara Bose Kapur

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  • Wish the night had gone on forever!

    That’s what Narendra Kusnur exclaimed after the Chick Correa concert on November 3

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  • 40 years on, the Prithvi magic hasn’t dimmed

    Every theatre practitioner dreams of performing at Prithvi Theatre, writes Deepa Gahlot

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